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Billing & Payment Options

Bank Draft 

Have the exact amount you owe for your CDE bill automatically deducted from your checking or savings account each month. You will still receive a monthly statement with the amount due. Enroll.

Pay Online

Pay your CDE bill online with a Visa, MasterCard or by e-Draft, which automatically deducts the amount from your bank account. e-Draft is a free service. A $3.10 convenience fee applies for credit card payments and electronic funds transfer.

You may pay your CDE bill by credit or debit card at 931-648-8151.  A $3.10 convenience fee applies for credit card payments and electronic funds transfers.

Pay By Mail

Return your payment stub along with check or money order in the self-addressed envelope provided with your bill. Our mailing address is:

CDE Lightband
P.O. Box 31509
Clarksville, TN 37040

Do not send cash. Payments are usually processed and applied to your account the day they are received.

Pay In Person

Pay your bill with CASH, CHECK or MONEY ORDER at our office, 2021 Wilma Rudolph Blvd., Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (except weekends and holidays). Remember to bring the payment stub from your bill.

If you use the night depository, include your payment stub to ensure it is applied to the correct account. 


  Levelized Billing

Eliminate seasonally high electric bills. By enrolling in Levelized Billing, you pay approximately the same amount each month.  Your levelized amount is recalculated each month based  of your previous 12 months electric usage.  Sign up.

Selected Billing Program

This program allows qualifying customers to choose the date of the month to pay their electric bill. Retirees and Social Security recipients are eligible as are customers who meet the guidelines of the Department of Human Services and Community Action Agency.

Special Assistance Programs

CDE has programs to assist those who are having trouble paying their electric bill only. If you need that assistance, or know someone who does, please call us so that we can discuss payment plans or our special programs for elderly, ill or disabled customers. We also work with assistance agencies in Clarksville and can refer customers to local programs that may be able to help them pay their bill. Please call us so we can help: 931-648-8151.

Third-Party Notification

With Third-Party Notification, CDE will send a disconnect notice to a third party. The third party may be a friend, relative, agency, or someone else the customer chooses. Third-Party Notification may help keep our customers from having their power turned off unnecessarily.

The person or agency a customer selects for Third-Party Notification may help a customer arrange for payment, but would not be responsible for paying the bill. Call 931-648-8151 for more information.




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